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Location: Chandler

2577 W. Queen Creek Rd. Chandler, AZ 85248

Aquitaine Tasting with Pierre Paquereau

February 26 @ 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm - Chandler


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About The Aquitaine:

Aquitaine is a region placed in the southwestern corner of the France and is world-renown for its Bordeaux wines.

This region is blessed with temperate winters. It has long, warm summers, with cooling coastal breezes and fog from intersecting rivers; and for some areas, the Atlantic Ocean. This makes for ideal grape growing conditions, given their excellent terroir, micro-climates, and the unique history of the Aquitaine region. Bordeaux set the standard for fine wine a very long time ago.

In the northern region, Dordogne is hillier. Upstream from the Dordogne region (department), the hills get higher and the valley gets deeper. This region has picturesque villages, which offer gourmet cuisine and many historic sites worth visiting. The south of Aquitaine also has visual attractions, like being on the Atlantic Ocean Coastline. It has beautiful beaches; the Bay of Arachon for example; and lovely coastal villages From Arcachon Bay, one only has to drive northeast to visit historic Bordeaux chateaux. I can only imagine the glorious roadways, since I’ve not been to France, yet.

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