Reliable protectionfor wine collections

At Vinum 55, our sole purpose is helping you protect and perfect your wine collecting experience by providing first-class wine storage. As collectors and enjoyers of wine ourselves, we understand the needs of truly discerning wine enthusiasts.

We provide unparalleled solutions in wine storage to help protect your wine collection. Vinum 55 accepts wine deliveries on your behalf, provides secure biometric access to the storage area and monitors and regulates our cellars to an optimal 55° temperature.

We offer convenient locations in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Chandler. Our logistics team can also package and pick up your collection from your home and transport it directly to your Vinum 55 wine storage locker.

Whether you have curated a vast, unique wine collection over many years or you are just starting to build your own collection, we are able to craft a customized wine storage membership that is tailored to your exact needs, and will include:

  • A climate-controlled, personal wine vault monitored and regulated to an optimal 55° and 70% relative humidity
  • Unparalleled security with 24/7 security and temperature monitoring, biometric access and individually locked storage lockers
  • Full back-up power within minutes of a power outage
  • Delivery acceptance and expert handling of your wine purchases made through Vinum 55 or outside sources
  • Onsite wine-trained Cellar Managers at each location to coordinate your wine needs
  • Access to full concierge services, including collection inventory management, logistics and shipping services

Interested in learning more? To receive a quote for your wine storage needs and to speak with one of our experienced Cellar Managers, please complete our Contact form.

In addition to providing wine storage solutions, we offer other wine services including complimentary invitations to member-only wine tastings and events, use of our private tasting rooms and wine lounges for your own gatherings, unique wine purchasing opportunities, access to professional logistics and shipping services and more. To learn more about the other services Vinum 55 offers, please select the Wine Services tab above.



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