While the topic of which varietals, vintages and regions comprise the best collection will always be heartily debated, one thing that’s definitive in the wine community is no matter what bottles your collection consists of they need to be properly stored.

Whether you’re a casual collector with only a few cases, or view your collection as a more long-term investment with thousands of bottles, it is vital that they be protected with a temperature-controlled environment.

The general rule is that any sustained temperatures of 70°F or above can lead to deterioration and is cause for concern. Here in the desert where we regularly see triple-digit temperatures, secure, consistent, and monitored temperature control is supremely important. Basically, if you are storing your wine in the garage, you’re doing it wrong.

70°F or above can lead to deterioration and is cause for concern

Vinum 55, the Valley’s premier wine storage facilities, offers the most ideal environment for your collection. The storage areas at all Vinum 55 locations maintain a 55°F temperature — the industry recommended standard. Specialized refrigeration units and back-up generators ensure that your wine continuously receives the optimal care it needs to ensure it retains its integrity and value.

Whether you are looking to store a prized bottle, have outgrown your kitchen wine cooler, or are looking to take your love of wine to the next step, Vinum 55 has a custom, private wine locker with your name it.