Service is our Style

Vinum55 is a service-driven, state of the art facility where your wine passion is our profession. Our Cellar Manager is a Certified Specialist of Wine, studying for Advanced Sommelier certification, who has over 17 years’ experience in the wine business. Our Assistant Cellar Manager is a preliminarily certified Sommelier, and studying for his Certified Sommelier, also with 10 years’ experience with wine. Feel confident that your collection of wine is handled with capability and care. Our enthusiasm and professional wine training complement our desire to service our clients beyond their expectations.

Delivery Acceptance

Have you ever missed your delivery of your favorite allocation of wine? Have you ever had to drive tothe UPS or FedEx facility to pick up your wine, to make certain it did not get too warm? With Vinum55’s complimentary delivery acceptance, shipment issues are in your past. Simply change your ship to address to our facility on any wine order. We will sign for your shipment and place it immediately in your locker.

Wine Inventory Management

Have you been hanging on to that special bottle, looking for the perfect special occasion to celebrate,only to find the wine is past its prime? Is your collection a little unorganized? Let us manage your inventory for you. We will enter all your wines into a software tracking program, taking note of the location of each bottle and placing your wine in cases that are designed with optimal aging in mind.After inventory of your collection, we evaluate the drinkability of your collection, letting you know what wines should be enjoyed first, while still in the prime of the wine, and what wines are best with additional time in the bottle. From that point forward, we continue to communicate with you regarding your collection and wines that are ready to be enjoyed. Life is too short to let your wine get past its prime! Contact our Cellar Manager for more details.

Logistics Assistance

Is there a move in your future? We offer Logistics Assistance, whether your move is in town, to a new state or even a new country. We have formed alliances with local, national and international logistics firms who take service as seriously as we do.

In-Home Collection Management

Is your home cellar in need of organization? We offer Inventory Management for your collection at home. We can perform an inventory, enter your wines into a software tracking program with specific location, and make recommendations on wines that are ready to be enjoyed.

Concierge Services

Whether it’s after-hours delivery directly to your home or retrieving specific bottles from your locker and having them ready for immediate pick-up by you, our Cellar Manager is available to make your storage experience an ease.